Here are some fun facts :

What is Alison’s style of photography?
If you want the posed, 1-2-3 smile style photos, you may want to find another photographer. Alison’s style is natural. She lets you be you, whether it’s acting silly, cuddling up, singing or dancing to your favorite tune. Her goal is to capture you, your family or your friends in its purest and most natural state.

What do we do if it rains?
Alison has trained herself to be somewhat of a meteorologist. She can read the weather better than most and prides herself on knowing when is the perfect time of day to get the best images. However, if Mother Nature decides to chime in, don’t worry. All sessions that are cancelled due to weather are immediately rescheduled.

When do I book my session?
Fall and Spring fill up fast, so it’s never too early to book your session. In general, Alison recommends reserving your date and time ASAP.

How do I book a session with Alison?
Booking a session is simple. Either call (215-356-3206) or email ( and you can arrange a date and time.

Will Alison come to our home and take photos?
Alison loves going to people’s homes and, most of all, making her clients feel comfortable. However, if you want that unique textural style, definitely follow Alison to one of her favorite and convenient locations. This will make your photos stand out even more!

For a family session, how many proofs will I get?
Generally you get about ~30 proofs.

What do I wear?
Just know you aren’t alone when searching your closets or the racks of your favorite store for what you are going to wear for the “big day.” When you book a session, you will receive a “what to wear” guide which was created especially by Alison after years and years of fiedling this common question. Also know that Alison has some wonderful tips for getting those fabulous shots. It's not as difficult as it might seem, with just a little guidance.

Does Alison offer gift certificates?
Absolutely! Alison offers a wide variety of gift certificates. If you want to surprise that special someone with a full photo shoot or simply add some prints to their order, gift certificates are a wonderful way to show someone you care.