Warm Winter Blanket

One morning this winter we woke up to a blanket of beautiful white snow. You know, the kind of snow you can drive in but disappears within a couple hours of sunlight?

I’ve been photographing these clients for YEARS! And every year their goal is the same : we want snow photos. Sadly every year it’s either freezing cold out or hot hot hot. But never a drop of snow. So when this beautiful white blanket appeared one morning, they were my first call. For a 30 minute mini session outside their home, we captured these gorgeous all white photos of their beautiful girls.

Since I have been photographing them for so long, they “know the drill.” So, in this case, I’m just going to let these photos speak for themselves.

A Mother’s Love



Ok, so I’m gonna be straight up honest with all of you. I was nervous about this session. For a variety of reasons but one of the biggest reasons was because it was my very first LIFESTYLE session. I’ve been doing portrait sessions (mostly outside but some inside) for almost 10 years now. A couple years ago I would have NEVER tackled something so different. But I did and here are the results.




Dark, gloomy, gray and rainy day outside.

Warmth, love and brightness inside.


Shot with a Nikon D750.

50mm/1.8 prime lens.

All natural light with pretty much every light on in the house. (Did I mention it was a dark day out? 😉 )



So…what is a LIFESTYLE session?  It’s a session that occurs (generally) inside someone’s home. It shows the ins and outs of everyday life. It means you don’t clean the house before I arrive. It means you select a couple activities you enjoy doing with your family and I become a fly on the wall and capture those special moments. The snuggles. The times when you smell your child’s head (you know you do it…) or you squeeze your child so tight you never want to let go. It means you forget I’m there and just be a family.

This particular client wanted photos of her with her kids. After chatting for a bit, we realized a lifestyle session would be dreamy. Like most moms, we do SO much for and with our children, but we’re never in the photos – especially photos of those special moments. We’re always the ones behind the iPhone capturing the kids or our spouse/partner with the kids during special moments. If you are reading this, you probably know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. She realized she wanted to be in the photos and she wanted to be in them in a way that may not be technically perfect, but is real. The images may be grainy or some out of focus…but that doesn’t matter. It’s THE MOMENT that means the most.

Lifestyle lends itself to black and white. It’s enhances the emotion of every moment, every image. Plus, a high ISO is often required so, truth be told, it lessens the graininess of the image. Lifestyle also requires various angles. This means I shoot at eye level, then at counter level, then behind the door or I climb on a chair to grab that overhead shot (yes, I did ALL these things in this shoot). It means I shoot everything from far back to very close up. It requires trust and letting your guard down. By photographer and client. It’s an incredible experience creating images that last a lifetime.

Take notice of the photo taken of the little boy through the glasses. The client (mom) generally wears them. When I saw her glasses sitting on the counter next to the cookie cutter box, I just KNEW I had to document them. At fist I took a pic of the glasses next to the box. Then I realized seeing the world through her eyes would be so much more powerful. So I picked up the glasses and held them in front of my lens. It worked but you saw my hand blurred off to the side. So I quickly realized I needed to put the glasses back on the counter and shoot through them as they were. I have to say…it’s one of my most favorite photos ever.

This wasn’t an easy shoot — I came home exhausted but full of excitement for what I had captured. I spent the next 8 hours straight culling and editing. I overshot (as I often do) but narrowed the final edits down to …. drum roll please … 146 images!  I’ll let that sink in for a minute. LOL. 90% of the images were in black and white. And I couldn’t imagine them any other way.

I’m so glad I captured some video too. I didn’t know if I’d remember to shoot video (as my head was so caught up in how to shoot LIFESTYLE) but I did remember and it only took a couple seconds. I learned so much from this session and am so glad I tried something new. As they say “FEEL THE FEAR…AND DO IT ANYWAY!”


Collaboration with Melissa Nathan Graphics

Collaboration with Melissa Nathan Graphics was SO fun. We had 30 minutes to get all the photos and videos while wandering my neighborhood (certainly not ideal location or time – LOL). But we made it work and had fun along the way 🙂

We used the street (one of my favorite spots for any “at home” session), the jungle gym, the crosswalk and even the neighbors backyard. It’s amazing how people don’t mind if you take photos around their home ~ but I always ask first ;).

These kids were troopers too. It was warmer than it has been (these were taken the day of the Eagles NFC championship win — “we’re heading to the Super Bowl!!!!”) but it definitely wasn’t tank top / short sleeve shirt weather. Despite it, they worked it.

Some of my favorite shots from this session happen to be the close up images of the bags. I mean…BEYOND!

Check out her all of Melissa Nathan Graphics SWAG at
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IG: @melissanathangraphics

Your campers/student/cool kid will thank you 🙂

Snow Day

Our first storm of 2018 deserves some snow photos, don’tcha think? These girls were SUCH troopers! While this was taken at the end of 2017, it was nonetheless a freezing cold day but you’d never know by their photos. They were ROCK STARS. So how’d we do it? Well…it was a beautiful collaboration between three tulips / t3 and G-Lizzy (in Bala Cynwyd).

So the girls would get dressed at the store, hop in the car and we’d head out to the location. They would pop out individually, we’d grab their photos and they would run back into the car. Then we’d start the process all over again. Did I mention they are ROCK STARS?!

Cheers to 2017

Thanks for an amazing 2017!

Hello world!

Hello world!

I’ve decided to jump into blogging head first since so many people love my behind the scenes videos and ask me about my photo shoots all the time. Here is the place where I can share with you not only photos but fun, funny and interesting details on many of my photo shoots. So sit back, relax and check back often for more postings!

PS – I’m learning as I go so be patient as I will make mistakes, will make correction edits (quite often) and will probably smack myself in the forehead on more than one occasion. LOL!