About Alison

Main Line & Philadelphia photographer Alison Hartstein captures a person's essence with her modern and unique approach. By using natural light and textural surroundings, she makes your photos irreplaceable.

For every session, her number one requirement is that everyone has fun and, before you know it, she has captured your favorite moments of silliness, fierceness and authenticity. Alison's moto is #BeWhOyOuArE and she encourages tweens/teens show up as they would normally dress, in little to no makeup and utterly comfortable. A tween/teen's beauty will radiate from the inside and Alison will capture that beauty in a natural and fun environment.

Alison does whatever it takes to make her clients feel comfortable. She can help with your wardrobe, finds fun and convenient locations, makes you laugh during the session and is often seen having one on one conversations with each person before, after and even during the session. It's like a day out with a friend.

Alison's standards are high, making sure all your images are fabulous.